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i dunno what were they thinking, throwing objects or materials to referees, opponents and their coaches staffs arent part of the game. we should applaud all the effort of the fans have been doing ever since football was born. but seeing this incident in front of millions of people? a shameful indeed. i hail sports ministry effort to pin down the culprits so this kind of incident will not happen again in the future. i know there are many reasons to hate 'accross street' opponent but it doesnt mean to end a match such as this one. spanish football federation need to do something before its too late. i have seen a lot of kinds provocations but involving a material as a 'chanting spirit' isnt welcomed. sevilla is known for their aggressive crowd and most of the times opponent players have been the target as well as referees. hopefully they WILL do something to make football stadiums a safe place where others have been dominated by hatred and politics.

The Copa del Rey quarter-final second leg between city rivals Real Betis and Sevilla was abandoned when Sevilla coach Juande Ramos was hit by an object thrown from the crowd.
Ramos was carried off the pitch unconscious on a stretcher shortly after Sevilla took the lead 1-0 on aggregate when striker Frederic Kanoute fired home 12 minutes into the second half.
Video footage showed the Sevilla coach had been hit on the head by a two-litre plastic bottle full of liquid thrown from the stands.

Betis medical staff said later that Ramos, who used to manage Betis, regained consciousness as he was put into an ambulance.
Sevilla medical staff said the 52-year-old would spent the night in hospital under observation.
The normal procedure in Spain when matches are called off is for the remaining minutes to be played at a later date.

Last season, the Cup quarter-final second leg between Valencia and Deportivo Coruna was abandoned after a linesman was cut on the head by a coin thrown from the crowd.
The remaining 46 minutes were played behind closed doors a week later.
The build-up to the Seville derby was dominated by arguments between the two clubs over whether or not Sevilla president Jose Maria del Nido would be allowed in the VIP box at Betis' Manuel Ruiz de Lopera stadium.

After mediation by the Andalucian regional government, Betis finally allowed Del Nido to attend the match although a number of fans threw objects at him as he took his seat.
There was further controversy because Betis had placed a bronze bust of Del Nido's arch-rival, Betis owner Manuel Ruiz de Lopera in a seat just behind the Sevilla president.
Spain's sports minister Jaime Lissavetzky said he would be calling for immediate action from the Spanish Football Federation.

"This was a shameful incident," Lissavetzky told Radio Marca.
"We will be calling an emergency meeting of the Anti-violence Commission and will ask the Spanish Football Federation to deal with this with maximum rigour.
"We must stop incidents such as this or those that happened recently in Italy occurring again."

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