Tuesday, February 13, 2007


starting my day today without much events wasnt a bad idea. ive been having these particular days without much hassle coz im a practical person. if someone makes my day, i just look up and say " God pls give me your guidance". if things dont happen in my way, its probably one of those days in life. all my life, up till now, still wondering why there are differences between us, human. some ppl dont take these differences lightly. banning ppl from other color is one of the actions taken by ppl who stamped freedom are restricted to those who can claim it. those ppl who are qualified to redeem the freedom will be, of course, sitting on high ranking above 'the others' who can only crawl to a certain level of hierarchy. but how exactly, different means literally. according to oxford dictionary, different means unusual, unlike, seperate. does this apply to our life? yes inedeed, how it cannot. we describe unusual event as different, although not in distinctive way. however, the word seperate from how we perceive the word different attracts me the most. some ppl tend to use the word 'different' to elaborate impossible way to reach the other end, or in another word unlikely. theres one person standing in the doorway waiting for an explanation from his/her partner regarding their ongoing relationship. this person could choose either to stay or to leave. when one chooses to stand firm, theres a 90% chance a song from jim brickman titled my valentine banging in our ears pathetically. i can imagine a hindustan movie with a couple rolling on the ground after the confession, but i dont want to visualize it now. then again, this person could also bolt, leaving his/her partner mouth gaped widely open.

how many ppl leave his/her partner breathlessly at the door and giving nothin but a lame reason as there are too many differences to cope with?. i dont know about you but from what i read in newspapers, magazines etc out of 10 celebs 8 would choose the above reason to file or seek permanent solution to their marriage hiccups. anyway, are those differences dispensable? not in million yrs. differences could be made out of nothin. used to like his bushy hair and after some tense moments, that bushy hair seems ugly and disgusting. what will be said in the document? bushy hair made the difference.

i realized, differences are there for us to notice and its up to each one of us to deal with it. i noticed one of my friends toes dont go along with her tiny feet but does that bother me in the first place? it could have. but i wasnt in the middle of civil war with her, so her toes looked fine to me. i cant imagine if somehow i managed to pick a fight with her over a banana or hair clips? i might have broken all of her toes and toss them into a dumpster. differences do matter when we are at the state of confrontation. when we are at ease, they vanish from our sight but never stop picking up a precious moment to catch our time of sickness. once this happened, a lot of ppl could suffer and probably lose their life. for example, a case that occured a long time ago. what happened in US when KKK handled laws into their own hands?. all blacks were at fault whenever a fight broke off between black men and white men and sent to prison for quite some time before being released, unless they die in prison even before the trial started then the soul could only be freed fairly. segregation made to benefit some ppl who think their freedom and joy have been revoked since the growing population of immigrants. these immigrants were being held to as many crimes as ones could think of and sometimes were 'boxed' in without a trial. cruel? unfair? improper? well it was the way things done some yrs ago. although i find it funny these 'differences' or i rather call it segregation still running wild in our life at present time.

a movie called for one night broadcasted in hallmark channel seemed a bit hideous title for a movie. it reminds me of a novel i am currently reading about sex crimes that haunt young teenagers or perhaps older women into their glittering traps. sex crime for another post, today is especially focused on this movie. saw the ad by chance almost caught me off guard. quickly grabbed my phone to jot down the premiere. it turned out to be a good movie to watch during weekdays. it could have been better if the producers were brave ebough to dig down a lil deeper about how this community in lousiana deal with the segregation each day, esp the african american. honestly, i havent heard bout two proms in my life. my first thought would be, day one being held at school and day two, doing it somewhere out the state. was it right? WRONG. two proms are for blacks and whites. two completely different venue but the same rank, seniors. these seniors, blacks and whites hang out everyday at school. it doesnt matter whether its homeworks time or just kick about in cafetaria for the sake of good time, they'd be doin it. but when it comes to prom theres only one answer, no unified proms. funny? i think its puzzling. according to the movie, they have been doin it for number of yrs and goin to keep it for yrs to come. its tradition and it will never be ended no matter what we say. im curious about when and who was behind the decision to have two seperate proms in the same year?. it might have been made several yrs back when john kennedy had been alive and hadnt thought of becoming president. it'd be best if they could alter the 'tradition' into more civic ways that fits our present customs. but who am i pressuring those ppl? nothin can be done because it will break their rights to usher tradition in their own ways. oh my, it was considered unlawful and now a tradition?. perhaps that explanation serves me better for now. who am i to judge?. i am no one but an outsider who happened to live outside lousiana and US. probably someday i'll get answers on my questions, or will they remain open until i closed my eyes?.

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