Thursday, February 15, 2007

how could i forget the way you treated me the other day. how could i brush off these dirts you put on me. how am i goin to live with all the blame you pointing at me. now youre gone, how am i supposed to continue my disjointed life. years after years made me believe your agonizing lies could put me through peacefully. terrorozing blue eyes kept me out in the cold of freezing night. what should have i done to make them better to even please you beyond believe. much have been done and i was totally over it, but you made me remember clearly at each one of the scene you gave to me. said they would help me think better and move faster than any other living creatures. they helped indeed. took no time for me to bolt as soon as i was dicovered. i dont feel the blame though coz i knew what it would become for faint heart like him. he had been even gone before i came about his shadow. running like headless chicken, believing whatever things he have in mind. his belief didnt help him any better than we could. no turning back and no backs turned against us, the rule says out loud.

since your departure, these patches didnt lose their grip on me and becoming stronger day by day. could i care less? or probably you would come over and help me put them off my shirt. pity to say you cant help me any longer though i knew i wouldnt miss seeing your cynical smile toward me everytime your off the bed. i did try but perhaps certain things didnt work out fine for me since you took hold on me in your filthy arms. confused to what took you so long to come across the room. its pity to see you helpless and lifeless, though i admit i kinda enjoying my time looking at you looked back at me without your cynical smile. i may not be able to walk out here alive, but i was already dead by the time you lay your eyes on me.

LB.....thx for the inspiration

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