Thursday, February 15, 2007

who should i blame? *hmm*

1. Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?
*someone who can make me laugh and feeling lucky all the time

2. Who do you blame for your mood today?
*i'm on a happy mode -happiest- thanks to yesterday's arsenal vs bolton 3-1 away win.

3. Have you ever seen a dead body?
* on tv, yes

4. What should we do w/ stupid people?
* teach them!

5. How long do you think you will live?
* dunno only God knows the answer.

6. What was the first thing you did this morning?
*looking for my mom.

7. The color of carpet in your bedroom?
*usually it's pink now it's a black

8. Last person you went out to dinner with?
*my mom and my sist

9. Are you spoiled?
*maybe it's a yes

10. Do you drink lot of water?
*i have to part of my healthy diet

11. How do you express your anger?
*by cursing to my sist or making poems while listening to itunes

12. The last compliment you received?
*dun realy remember

13. Do you look more like your mother or father?
*i wish i had the looks of my mother but we do have the same personalities, yes i was born looking like my father

14. When was the last time you threw up?
*dun remember..i almost throw up most of the times -yikes!!-

15. Who are your best friends?
*almighty God, my family and my loved ones

17. What theme does your room have?
*dun hv any themes it's a normal room with a very2 big david beckham's picture hanging on an expensive frame -blah-

18. Are you a momma's child or adaddy's child?
*kind of both..i'm extremely close to them

19. Would you ever join the military?
*my mom would never let me even when i was in girls scout my mom freaked out

20. The last websites you visited?
*perez of course the best goss-blog ever

21. Who was the last person you took a picture with?
*my sist, yesterday when we were trying to pose different in taking pictures

22. Last person you went to the movies with?
*my sist i guess it was few months a go

23. The last person you stared at?
*my mom b4 i went back to my room

24. Number of pillows on your bed?

25. Is anything alive in your room?
*mebbe dave-b is alive

26. Today, would you rather go back aweek or go forward a week?

27. What is your current goal toachieve?
*'s boring to have certain goals to achieve i like surprises i live my life the best that i could, mebbe because i went through so much till the point where i let God lead me in this life.

28.Define love:
*L.O.V.E is complicated i can never explain it as time goes by the meaning is getting weirder and stranger to me love is not only by words abut also by what you're doing it's something i always have even when i was single or taken, it's deep inside of me, how i respect someone, being totally honest, and taking a good care of myself and people that i care.

29. How is your hair?
*inexplainable -is that correct?-

30. What are your current worries?
*my stomachache

31. Do you have plans for holidays?
*i do have plans for holidays but the prob is -when?-

32. which is the best place to get an inspiration, bathroom or your room?
*in my room all alone in front of my comp with itunes on

33. do you prefer "white lies" or"painful truth"?
*always truth i'm a realistic person i don't care if it's painful or whatever i only have heart for truth

34. let say you meet a new friend that(in your point of view) perfect, will you leave your old friend?
*why shud i leave my old buds? i will befriend with this new bud and stay connected with my old buds

35. how if one of your friend cheat on you?
*it had happened a while a go and i've gotten over it it was hard and part of me was totally damaged but at least i've learned so many beautiful things since then

36. why do you think people always fight about religion?
*it's a damn politic!

37. will you dare to tell that you are in love w him/her in front of them to have a free concert tickets(from any of your fav band)?
*gosh i'm a shy person i'm not gonna tell-all about my feelings if i happen to like him but it will be a great chance to get to know him plus i get to se my fav band. but the truth is i'm not gonna go to a concert even if i have to -traumatic incident-

38. do you ever think about the future?how you'll gonna die?
*i think about my future but how am i gonna die pheww that's awful

39. miss school times?
*nope hopefully never.i've reached a better place with a better me i'm not thinking about my past anymore.

40. how would you like to describe your best friends?
*reliable, honest, silly, lovely.


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