Sunday, March 18, 2007

broken hearted..*duuh*
a friend of mine just broke up with her bf..guess dats kinda sux aite? especially my friend is a very2 vulnerable kind of person. it's hard when she has to go all this shits by herself coz she lives in a far-far away land. i bet it was the toughest decision she had to make. i know she must be very2 devastated with this separation, she must be feeling low down there. and coincidentally, she studies in the same college with her x-bf, she met him from her friend and suddenly they were a couple. i'm sorry to say but i was angry with her coz she made the decision kinda hasty after she broke up with her X. i was dissapointed coz i knew her decision was wrong. *it's not that i was afraid of her getting rid of me but it was because i cared about her*. but i realized that it was her call not mine so why did i have to react foolishly? i didn't want her to be hurt again coz i've seen her devastated before. i love the feeling of falling in love to someone, even when i keep it to myself i feel happy. but to keep falling in love with the same guy is the hardest thing on being in a relationship.
awwhh enough of my stupid words about relationship..gosh it's been a long time since i wrote stuff here. i've been devastated by my fav soccer team ARSENAL N REAL MADRID and then i was busy, i was ill, i was on a trip, i was tired, and here iam writing off what's on my mind. and one more thing, i've been busy searching you tube just to find NFG songs live hihihi my X gave me their cds just to show me how the songs related to what had happened between us few years a go but i didn't care. i kept the cds somewhere and suddenly i remember so i put the cd to my comp and copied it to my itunes library VOILA now i'm a fan although my sist hates them soooo much!! i'd love to see them live i guess it'd be so much fun. but i only love their last 3 albums coz i don't have their other albums..*stick and stones, catalyst, AND coming home*. huhu feel so sad why didn't i like them earlier hixhixhix
i just bought two of my fav mags, Jane Magazine and Teen Vogue and i realized that i've read most of magazines and i think it's really2 important for teenagers to choose what they read. since i was a kid i've been reading a lot of kids magazines, and then teens magz, and now i'm not yet reading women's magz but i love to read magz that's not only about fashion and latest trends and also about knowledge in life. i love to read other people's experiences so i can learn from them. experience is something we can't buy it's something we learn in this life. CHOOSE WHAT YOU READ coz it'll guide you to find what you want out of this life and to be who you are. i want kids to understand that it's not only about being cool and accepted in society but it's also about who you're not about what people want you to be. just remember that not those popular girls in school that get the attention in showbiz but they're normal people who has talent and dignity.
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