Monday, March 19, 2007

failure's not flattering
yesterday once again i was disspointed by the result from arsenal's game hixhix luckily real madrid won against iam feeling bummed and listening to my ipod, gosh it's do hard to see my fav team losing their grip! bad they didn't win i was hoping they'd win WHATEVER!!
so i have this other friend that just broke up *again!!it's a CURSE!!* haha just like my other friend i mentioned before. but she also didn't tell me the exact incident that had taken place before so i can't really comment on them. i just wish she had told me so i wouldn't feel left out, what can i say i feel like i'm one of her disposable assets hixhixhix. she didn't tell me either when she hooked up with this guy. and i was there supporting her. mebbe when ppl being careless to her then she'll go back crying to me.WHATEVER!!
well at least the new songs on my ipod amuse me..loveiloveitloveit..and of course i'm finishing my *2nd chance* written by james patterson. to be exact i'm going to finish it by tonite. hopefully there will be a great movie or tv show so i'm not going to bored and all time low..WHATEVER!!
signing off,

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