Tuesday, March 20, 2007


ive been reading james pattersons serials and wondering if i ever could turn my head off his masterpiece in the future. hes been brilliant all the way and no doubt he has scored #1 bestseller in many newspapers around US to this date. my first pattersons book was violets are blue and it completely blown me off. since birth i have been given a gift to read most of things. my mom says i read every billboards ever exist along the street since been thought how to read. amazing as it is, i do not hang around in bookstores for nothing. my mom always whining about books i buy. it is not that she discourages my passion in reading, most proabably she wishes me to spend my dime on somethin useful for young woman. i admit, i dont splash my cash on fashion items such apparels and accessories but i do love them, who doesnt?. but i do find myself drown and surrounded by books and novels as soon as i enter a bookstore. do i blame myself for it? i dont think i can. i can spend hours scanning, browsing and finally finding the right books to my taste. i am not afraid to 'touch' somethin new. pendragon is for example. i didnt notice it would be that good. although it could be a little childish since its aimed for young readers, but im not upset. i can be very patient and tolerable in terms of reading. however, theres one things i cannot overcome up till now, my anxiety reading romance novels. i read one book a very long time ago and i was pretty upset with the way things went. there are things that just dont fit into my mind. among others, i enjoy reading gone with the wind. cliche, some may say but it is a good love story although it was written decades ago i still find it creative. i dont condemn all romance novels are absurd and pointless, i must admit there are stories out there deserve the best. probably i need to look hard and be less prejudice and bias. i'll try to do that by the help of my friends who have alwasy been trying to push me into a romance section. all your efforts have been turned down pals, but who knows what comes next?................


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