Friday, April 06, 2007

the upcoming weeks will be fantastic, hopefully. its been a while since i came home and i feel estatic just to smell the poluted air. everyone may think its funny how i express myself in a bizzare way but when it comes to the word of home i feel like a banished princess from an unknown kingdom being welcomed as a goddess. only certain ppl would know how it feels to be somewhere foreign. as weak as i am, i learned so many things without being taught. sometimes lesson are tutored without a presence of lecturers. how it goes? not many can answer. these lessons give me the strength to walk pass by my own weaknesses. im always wondering how many times do i have to fall into the same hole to only realize that something doesnt exist stay as an impossible term. my emotions ruining my clear path to avoid any lunatic effort to conquer someones heart and soul and its killing me deeply. i am unconsciously falling even deeper. God gives me his mercy and sending a brigade of comrade to pull out of a black hole. as hard as they try to reach, without my hands they will not be able to see me in the sunlight. confused, i may or may not grasp their helping hands to clear out of trouble. i may decide to stay inside the gloomy hole and be drowned forever for the sake of my emotions. however, the sound of sanity knocking on my door and send me to the real cruel world. i slowly but hesitantly hold on to their strong and solid grasp hoist me onto ready-to-gallop unicorn. soon i'll be home. a lesson hard indeed but effectively pushing away bad thoughts. theres always someting for ppl to hold on to and by not giving hope we may all survive and find the right piece of puzzle to complete invisible parts.

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