Thursday, June 28, 2007

it was a difficult season for real madrid, nevertheless, la liga title is on their hands now. unfortunately, real BOD dont think capello is the right man to handle real madrid for another season. he made mistakes in the past and it is too late to be undone. but doesnt a team need consistency and stability in order to achive success. there are reports that bernd schuster to replace him for the next season. do we think hes the right person to coach a persistent team such as real madrid?. we do not know for sure. he has indeed achieved great success with getafe however not as great as juande ramos, sevilla coach. we do think hes the right man to head real madrid for years to come coz he has had all experience needed as a manager. but the decision isnt in our hands, so nothin much we can do. although we, the fans, strongly disagreed with BODs decision not to renew becks contract, we still have to bade goodbye to the famous star. i really gonna miss seeing him in real madrid coz he is the most prolific football player ive ever seen.

another devastating news came from arsenal camp. thierry henry finally agrees to sign 4 yr contract with barcelona. the news broke our heart and we nearly throw our jersey down to the drain. soon we realized that players come and go and nobody can say something for certain coz anything can happen in football. our hopes and prays go to arsene wenger in achieving more success with arsenal in more years to come. hopefully he'll find his desired players before transfer window closed this august. good luck to them......

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