Tuesday, July 17, 2007

coming again,

(For a girl who's finding

new friends, new love, new beginnings...

drama is never far behind!)

yet again, i feel dizzy. my heart jumping around hehe i feeeel so damn glad. i was having *emotional breakdown* for quite a while. and still i feel a bit hollow everytime i think about it. i had the best therapy which was *chocolate therapy* haha i feel lucky to have my mom by my side everytime i acted stupid. dear someone, i miss *u* badly..it's ok i'll live thru this. i admit i have made stupid decisions all this while, but i have also made the good ones, and now i have decided not to let the memories fool me. i had my hopes higher than the tallest tower in the world but when i try to make it possible i was dissapointed *once again* by the fact that i shouldn't have put my hope that high coz i only hurt myself by keeping stupid hopes. i cried a lot these days, i missed so many people in my life, and the moment i feel scattered (as if those weren't sad enuff) i found out that i was diagnosed with....!! oh God it was hard for me to accept because i was going through such hell and suddenly i had to face more bumps. i had to let some parts of me go, i was more than just sad..i was devastated..i asked to God..why..why..and why. but i'm better off now maybe there are brilliant reasons behind this, behind every tears i've cried. looking forward to next month..where i'd have a better days with bright smile on my face.

though it's been hard 4 me to digest,

i still thank you for your never ending blessings,

every lesson to learn, sad goodbyes, and i love my life.


mom, i could never-ever say enough thank you because uve been the most inspirational person in my life. you always said nobody's perfect, that's why we need other people to complete us. i love you mom! we'll have the best future together with dadda..and dad, no matter how painful it is you always manage to ease my pain with a smile in your face for me i love you to death!
Thank God for I-POD! i'm loving every bit of it..my playlists..my vids..and my pics..really2 ease my feeling for not seeing him.
signing off,

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