Wednesday, July 18, 2007

here for you..

1. what did you do last night before you slept?
* had the best laugh

2.what did u do this morning when you woke up?
* went to toilet

3. what song did you recently hear?
* here to stay

4. did you sleep in your room lastnight?
* of crz

5. what's your day like yesterday?
* gloomy, happy, tired, insecure, and missing someone you enjoy being alone?
* depends..

7.are you a daydreamer?
* abso..

8.where's your favorite place to daydream?
* anywhere

9.what was the last thing you drank?
* water

10.if you were a shirt, what color would you be?
* dunno..mebbe black or pink or even dark blue

11. describe a favorite moment.
*staring at someone..

12.describe your favorite weather?
*rainy's quite scary but lovely at the same time

13.can you eat anything?
* not most of the allergies etc

15.are you going to take a bath today?
* check.

16.who do u wish to spend the rest of your life with?
* around ppl who love and care about me (vice versa)

17. who do you adore?
* first and foremost God, nearly second my family

18. if you were alone in a cafe whatwill you be doing?
*listen to my ipod, read a book, sippin my iced caramel macchiato

19. would you rather be having a cup of tea or coffee?
* a cup of hot milo made by my mom you believe in wishing stars?
* i do believe God will listen to every wish even if it's only inside our heart

21.which do you believe the most, fairy or wishing star?
* God

22. do you like chocolate?
* yes since forever..though i only eat 'em when i crave 4 'em

signing off,


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