Wednesday, July 25, 2007


i put all my strength to write this post. it isnt easy to let go my true feelings toward jk rowling last masterpiece. i am not trying to be too emotional but i have been reading HP for the last 7 years and knowing there wont be any HP in the future has made my heart numb. do you wanna laugh? i think this isnt the best for it. true, i feel sad and disappointed but i know theres always an ending for every story written.

and the entry goes like this...

finally, i finished reading HP7. despite my packed schedule i finally be able to finish it in less than 3 days, but it is still way too long from my desired time line. i was expecting 2 days only as i had done with the 5th book. anyway, on the 21st of july 07 the book released and as we all know die hard fans have anxiously been waiting this moment. WB have anounced that they received less amount of ticketing sales during weekend coz many people decided to lock themselves out for few days to finish reading the book. i dont mind though, coz i have watched the movie and dont think it isnt one of the best movie i ever watched. it may be due to the unseccessful story of itself. it isnt one of the best book ever written by her, not my favourite either. when i got home i quickly grabbed the book and isolate myself from other being. i wanted to finish reading the book as quickly as possible coz i couldnt wait to tell my view to my friends. however, after finished reading it i felt horrible and a lil sad coz knowing that there will be no HP books in the future no matter what i'll say. she ends it with so much dignity. she doest disappont me at all and hopefully, the rest of the world. stories and secrets are unravelled as we go along and i can promise you that this last serie will not make your day as grey as london weather. i am completely saisfied with the story and encourage others to read it as well, if you havent got one already. i will not review HP7 today, at least not just yet.

probably i will spend the next two days thinking how my days ahead will not be cherished by the excitement of the next HP books. my only hope is that WB will not disappoint the fans on how they visualize precious masterpiece like what they have done to the last movie (order of phoenix).

so the entry ends here...

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