Wednesday, July 25, 2007

it is one good article taken from everton FC (thanks to david beckham fans online), saying bout how becks cope with all the pressure he is now receiving. i can understand his admiration coz considering what he has experienced in the last few years has been overwhelming. does he deserve compliments? i guess he does. alan stubbs has somethin to say bout becks.

Everton’s Alan Stubbs has told evertonTV of his respect for David Beckham.
The former England captain is massive news over here in Los Angeles since moving across the Atlantic from Real Madrid and Stubbsy revealed that he is a big fan of what Beckham has achieved.
“All credit to him because he’s done everything really well since he came over here,” said the Blues defender.
“When Steve McClaren left him out of the England squad I think a lot of people thought that would be the end of him but for to come back after a lot of negative publicity, including being dropped by Real Madrid, is great credit on him.
“He’s had a massive resurgence in the last three or four months and he seems to be the type who thrives on people writing him off. A lot of players don’t have that in them but he’s proved all the doubters wrong and I really respect that.”

Stubbsy also insisted that he has every respect for the sheer consistency of Beckham over the years and also for the way he handles himself despite spending a large chunk of his life in the showbiz-like glare of constant publicity.
“I think there are two bits to him,” he said. “There’s David Beckham the footballer and David Beckham the personality. As a player, he has been top notch for fifteen years and he’s respected throughout the world.
“His lifestyle now is just the way it is and I think he’s used to it now whereas some players would hate all that. But he has adapted extremely well and he speaks fantastically well.
“He comes across as very humble and he seems to know where his roots are. I think him coming across here is a way of giving a bit back to football.”

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