Tuesday, August 07, 2007

kiss me,

08 09 07..coming for you!

i've been writing too many times and my sist is still busy so she's unable to update from her last post which was posted a bit while a go. i'm also a bit buseeey..hee hee and currently i'm busy downloading NFG's videos Gosh i'm such a big fan..i love their live performances! most of the videos are in AWESOME conditions, heart NFG. can't wait for their next album which is due this fall (hopefully). i have listened to their first single which is kiss me (sixpence none the richer's cover), and it was awesome tho i havn't listened the album's version..i watched it live. kiss me is definitely my anthem during i was junior high hee hee, my mom even gave me a nickname because i sang to it everyday during my youth days hee hee. they did a good job covering my fav. song off all time.

i'm in a stage where i love blogging, i always do but now is like the very moment i'm in love with my blog (that i share with my sist). i've been feeling low lately..i hate this, inside i feel a bit empty because my friends caused me some troubles. it's frustrating at first and i have tears for them *tho i never cried for men*, but i got over it and realized that it's never end, someone will never change unless they're willing to do it, and i feel hopeles at times. i decided i need time on my own, i hope this time i will make the best desicion in my life. i'm tired of this same sick cycle carousel between me and them. dunno when this will ever end coz with friends i always have bad experiences *duh*!

i have no idea why i'm so hooked with NFG, my sist even shocked..it's been a while since the last time i was hooked with one band/singer. i'm a fan of their *coming home* album, tho many of their fans disappointed but i was more than happy the first time i heard their cd. and i was jumping around when they decided to make coverage of famous songs. i was relieved to see their usual appearances before coming home hee hee they looked good with simple shirts. tho no doubt the also look good with vest and formal shirts. hopefully this album will give them the glory they've been searching for.

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