Tuesday, August 07, 2007


it's never easy to start a new page isn't?i hate writing on a blank page..it seems like i'm clueless at times. usually when i'm in the wrong path, and wrong time. it's A.M already and i'm still waiting for my vid download to wrap up soon..my siblings are busy with vid games (i started it off first but i got so tired so i let my sist finish the rest). i read some of my friends blogs and i never realized how far they went or how they're still the same person i once knew. pheeww..it was purely coincidence i didn't meant to be nosey since it was publicly published so i read just like other ppl. to be honest, i hate it when ppl are asking me about things in the past (especially the scars) coz i'm very extra sensitive in that area. so i do understand why some of my friends are still keeping it private about some stuff just like i do. i don't feel comfortable talking about my past, it still hurts tho i've completely moved on. but you know some things are meant to stay there forever *sux!*.

i just can't wait to see arsenal live again! yesyesyes i'm hungry for EPL..the excitements, the sad faces, the happy modes, and of course the anticipation for the new team without henry and ljunberg. i know2 i havn't said anything about their transfers it's just that when it happened i was shocked, devastated, and speechless. but i think now i know that everything happened for the best reason, and they had their best years so mebbe theyre moving along just like i did everytime i needed new challenges.

basically, mebbe i'm wise, patient, and a very2 dedicated person. but i know every single day i wake up to different challenges in life and all i can hope is to be a better person. not only better from outside but utterly for instance i need to work more on my intelligence, mind, body, and soul.

i love life, tho it's the low season but i'm still grateful for what i'm and what i have. i'm still looking for answers and i'm still growing up as a person. i don't want to be old coz it's a certain thing but i want to be wiser and all grown up. i can't shake the fact that i'm very close to both of my parents and my siblings so people might recognize me as childish or dad's lil princess or even the favourite one in the family coz it's the way the situation is. i'm what i'm..at least God judge me differently..let's see how i'm gonna be in few years!

very much sleepy and understatement..


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