Saturday, August 11, 2007

MTV sucks 100%!

i know i shouldnt say this as i still watch it sometimes when i am bored with other stations. the other day i came across an article saying that for this year mtv vma they will have justin (again), rihanna and other singers that probably already featured for dozens of time. what im trying to say that can you please invite talented newcomers instead of having the same lame singers. we watched justin last year and you want us to watch him again?. probably if justin launces an album each year we can see him twice a year on mtv. its not that i have somethin against justin. hes talented, creative and good looking but it doesnt mean he needs to be everywhere. gwen launced her album last year and i heard it was a big success as well as snow patrol. joss stone released an album last may and shes on the way of releasing her third single some time soon. can you give a chance to her and other talented singers out there to perform and show what they capable of?. i doubt you will ever notice them on the street although he/she is the next best thing. micka is huge in US but has he ever invited to TRL? or perhaps i just missed seeing him on mtv. mtv please do somethin! your viewer rate for both vma and movie awards is declining each year! you dont wanna be the next grammy right?

-just another crazy thoughts-

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