Saturday, October 13, 2007

//umbrella for the ladies//

i'm very much tired and sleepy, for odd reasons. i want to listen to my ipod but it's basically prepared for 2moro (me and my family are going for inter-city round trip). in less than few days i'm going (again!) to have my nearly dead-brain relaxed for a while. haha. it's so funny, while i'm busy writing my mom's waiting for her pasta to come from the kitchen (my bro's a ogger and he eats EVERYTHING!!). i have this new digicam and it's the cutest thing that ever came to my life. mwahmwah!

now everyone in my family is eating pasta, my bro's eating his 2nd plate hohoho. and i'm still busy reading eisley's journal. i love their posts, especially sherri's not only she's the only one who posts almost everyday but she's so funny. heart EISLEY! owh gosh i'm so damn sleepy and i haven't packed my stuff for my escapade. the temperature is very much low these days, pheeww, hate this. hope i'm not catching cold soon. am i the only one who's having problems with myspace? i miss my page, tho usually i don't check it very often but still i have few friends there.

i still feel surreal that i have friends that are either no longer single, still single, married, having babies, or even divorced (sadly, but life must go on rite??). i still feel like the same old disneyprincess girl but grown wiser of course. someday i believe i will get married with the right man who deserves me and who truly loves me for eternity. haha true disney fan don't you think? but deep inside i believe that life isn't always sweet but life surely is tasty! i just want to have my happiness lasts for lifetime..haha evens shrek had bumps with fiona. but still with my own puzzle made of brain i still think that marriage isn't on top of my list (sorry!). still have my own priorities in life, however if my mom ask me, then i'll do it haha as if! i will try to do anything to please my parents (including using my dad's lappie instead of mine in my room just to be sighted!).

i'm very sleepy rite now, better signing off before my dad uses his ogger power just to make me go to bed hihihi. hopefully i can pos something in the next few days before i'm off to a very relaxing escapade. and for those who haven't heard eisley go check them out on youtube!

signing off,


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