Thursday, October 11, 2007

my bff 4 ever..

as i read one of sherri's post on her band's site and it was about her sist (stacy) 19th bday , i was inspired to write somethng about my lovely sist.

happy bday stacy!!may god bless you and keep writing good stuff!
so her words remind me of my own half/soulsist/dnarelatedsist/bff4ever/myeverything. and yeah i feel blessed having her with me coz she was the only one who stood by me even when my friends turneed their back against mine (well my mom didn't know and i didn't tell her coz i know she'd FREAK OUT!, my dad was busy working all around region, my bro was always invisible haha). ok it's a lame issue but still it happened, and i can't just say im over it can i?. we both shared EVERYTHING, i really mean every single thing in our lives are shared. we both are very well connected, sometimes i feel like both of us are twins when the fact is we're not(sadly). well i'm a nosey when it comes to her private issues haha, (now she's been calling me names coz i'm ruining her sweet time with my dad's lappie hohoho).
2moro i'm going to see my sist's friend after long time no see, we intend to have dinner together and spend hilariously good time together. i'm very close to my sist's friends.. we have special bond i she with my old friends. there's special connection between me and my sist's friends, the funny thing is we have known each other since i was in junior high but i seldomly spend my time with them. i was shy and quiet around them until 2/3 years a go when we first went to a sport tournament (or maybe before that but i don't really remember).
we both argue (a lot) every single day, we have differences that's why sometimes we're incompatible but at times we're also inseperable. i don't trust anyone like i trust her (beside God, and my mom), she's still mad to most of the people who've hurt me and i can't stop her from getting mad. it was very personal and very much damaging to me, my sist knows exactly how i felt and how i had to deal with that back then. she's very honest, sincere, humble, kind-hearted, funny, moody, KRAZEEE, annoying, stone-headed just like my dad, very nice, and (i had to stop coz my mom asked me to got to kitchen to pick somestuff be back in a sec) wait..where was i owwhh, yes about my sist..she's not the most patient person, she's XTRA funny when she's in a goood mood but don't come near her when she'snot in the moood (except for me coz i always bug her even when her good mood button is off/damaged haha). the best thing about her is she's very loyal, and of course she's the best advisor in the world (beside my mom+dad, and almighty God).
she's my mentor in soccer, she knows everything about soccer, she's amazing! tho i have my dislikes list about her but i won't disclose it for now (keep it for later hoho). i've always been the nosey and centerofattentionlilmiss, but she's never ever for once get jealous with me. it's good to know that i have my own fans that'll never turn their back on me hahaha..
lovvveeee y'aaall!!!!! i love my God, my parents, my sis, and my bros.
thank you God, i'm speechless now i truly believe that everything's in Your hand.
peace out!
"thenorthlondoner aka the lilsist"

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