Thursday, October 11, 2007

usually i'll put down some notes about football but nothing comes to mind at the moment although i do have something bothering my head lately. its been two weeks astro hasnt managed to telecast live of real madrid matches. i was hoping to watch their match soon after arsenal big win against derby county. however, my hope was dashed and felt anxious coz astro has never failed to air real madrid matches since becks arrival 4 yrs ago. and now suddenly, they have been scrapped off the list. i hope astro can give better answers this time. i still a fan of becks but i do like watching real madrid play their games as well. anyway, england will play against estonia at home and win the game, as predicted by most ppl. and then, fly over to russia to have a visit. they won the first match against russia and hopefully they can win this time. russia is a lot stronger at home than visiting. england form is pickin up lately but without the in form striker michael owen, i doubt they can make a bigger scoreline. some ppl will say there will be replacement for injured players, however, will they be as good as the injured? no one knows. i just despise seeing carrick playing on the center. he doesnt fit to play for england coz he loses possesion to much. again, becks will miss these two matches and i am not sure whether or not i am goin to watch those games. i just hope they will win so becks can still play his part in next matches. no, perhaps it will be good if england lose against russia so becks can play bigger part. still, i am not sure ste-c will play him. best wishes to him....hopefully he can play his final game with LA GALAXY

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