Tuesday, November 13, 2007

1) Single, Taken, or Crushing?
> crushing upside down the drain

2) Are you happy with that?
> why not? God has plans for all of us

3) Would you still kiss your ex?
> give me 1000 reasons why would i kiss my ex? (if any)

4) Have you ever had your heartbroken?
> life is up and down, there were times i caught myself into a maze and trapt inside it...bruised but not broken

5) Have you ever talked about marriage with another person?
> not interested at the moment, perhaps in the future

6) Do you want kids?
> yes when its due

7) How Many?
> havent made up my mind

8) Would you consider adoption?
> i would, nothin can predict future

9) If someone liked you right now,would you want them to tell you?
> its up to him, i want him to tell me the truth

10) Do you want someone you can't have?
> i always want somethin i cant have, i currently craving for a new console but have to be patient and wait a lil. as for someone, i only want him in my vivid imagination

11) Have you fallen in love?
> a couple of times. love is all around me, its either with him or others

12) Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?
> i love to celebrate anniversaries, doesnt have to be with him though

13) Do you believe that you can change for someone?
> i change bcoz i want to or need to but who knows

14) Is it a good day?
> its another ordinary day without much happening. or i'll have to wait a lil longer and lets see whats gonna happen

15) Have you ever broken a heart before?
> mebbe, we cant avoid this from happening. wish i could

16) Does your ex still have feelings for you?
> ex s (if theres any) make everything looks difficult

17) Do you believe in long distance relationship?
> i believe in commitment, nevertheless long distance has always been a difficult one to pursue. seeing and feeling his presence makes me stronger and wiser...reality must come first babe...

euro fever...

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