Tuesday, November 13, 2007

(love song to remember)

feeling green and not moody at all well a bit, but i'm enjoying every minute of my life. i'm listening to (current minute) avril's old song called tomorrow. it kinda reminds me of my old times with someone who was my mistake to be with. at the end of the day no matter what, i was selfish enough not to listen to my sist and yeah as you can guess tarxans, i was hurt and it lasted for quite a while. up till now i still feel there's this big wall between me and that person especially when we both have grown up and lead two different lifestyles. believe me, when you're teenagers you always felt you would be with the same person, the same crowd till forever. i was too young when i had the first backstab and i was too young to realize that life was cruel to enough to chop your heart into pieces and life sometime could offer more than just happiness. life can offer you some things to achieve even when you're over-pessimistic.

heck, forever is absurd forever is never. but it was just wild imagination just like the ones i had when i was young and too much happily ever after tagline. it's not that i don't believe in happiness at all but as i grow up i realized that life's not a fairy tale. but hapiness can still be found (no worries tarxans) when you're a good person you'll eventually have the happy-ness that'll last for lifetime. if there was no bump maybe i'm not who iam right now and i'm proud to have grown into a whole new person which i didn't expect to be when i was younger. although i need to fix up certain things with my attitude. i'm not perfect, far from it basically..i don't know what's the meaning of the word perfect. only God has the perfect answers and only Him who's perfect in this world.

if i said i was ready

then, i'd be arrogant

if i said i was prepared

then, i'd be lying

if i said i was perfect

then, that's a total crap

if i said i was opening up

then, i'd feel bless

so i think i have moved on from hardcore and moving fast forward to other genre, dunno why maybe i liestened to hardcore music for years when i was younger. i try to surf to purevolume very much often to find new bands i can check on, it's psyche to listen to different genre on my ipod. i got my sist soo hooked on this new band called quietdrive. yaay!! W, tomorrow's going to be another busy day hopefully i can manage to squeeze in between hectic scheduleand some quit time to rest, currently i'm listening to lost in space by lighthouse family. it reminds me to a novel i've read before, that novel really changed my view about relationship.
please, be nice and kind
don't be foolish by hurting other people
it's far important to smile
than smirk or even frown
it's our good deeds that count
life's not about
diamonds or
or even how many boyfriends
you slept with
see ya on my next boring post tarxans,

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