Tuesday, November 13, 2007

ho ho ho what a funny color of choice....out of habit as usual. found this good new songs from my sis. wonder where did she get those superb songs. casually, i took precious steps put of a troubling cave and suprisingly, didnt find anything useful. or maybe not just yet. big decisions often trapt ourselves under special circumstances. when and where do we have have to stop planning and executing? only god knows. what might have happened that night, definitely not my business to find out, although i do feel a lil bit anxious. your sudden move made my heart melt away with pain and disdain. how far will you take me to your grisly blackened scene. courage needed to be there. fully equipped with wild imagination to move away from a broken soul. i tried to freeing myself from the pressure youve have given, clutching tightly on me will only liberate me even more. say goodbye to you...its over when i say i do...you'll will remember this...i wasnt the only one to feel your rubbish...you can see me smiling...far away above the sky

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