Tuesday, November 13, 2007

arsenal went to a good start again after 2 draws against top teams, lpool and man utd. reading scored a late goal to make scoreline 3-1. it was a huge relief for wenger as the day before man utd 'stole' the top spot after winning against blackburn rovers 2-0. hopefully this horce race situation will improve in upcoming months and keep arsenal on top till the very last game in premiere league. i am not sayin anythin that might jeopardize their winning spirit and always wish the best for arsenal. anyway, this friday england will come up against austria. a friendly game doesnt mean lay back and watch the home team partying with hundreds of goals. england need to find their perfect notion to prepare themselves against a much stronger team, croatia in the week after. win or lose doesnt mean much to croatia coz they only need 2 draws in order to qualify for euro 08. nevertheless, winners of the game will prove whos the best of the group. england can only hope russia lose on one of their game. it would either be israel or andorra whichever team stops russia, england will certainly be the happiest one. israel are the big contenders so far and will be hopefully in top form next week. on 17th november russia come up against andorra, and i can only be hopeful that draw will be the result. becks will play a part in two big games in the upcoming week. hes not 100% match fit, however it can change in matter of couple days. hes surely wants to help his country to qualify and the only way to go to austria/swiss is to win and hoping russia will fall. heres a simple excerpt from the times interview with england manager ste-c about becks current status in LA Galaxy.

"David is different in that these are big games and he is a big game player and when you are coming to play Croatia needing a result there is nothing better than having David Beckham available to you. He has proved that. He has done it before and he can do it again."

i liked what he said although i still think hes only sayin this to save his flaging career. well, once again becks proved to ppl how wrong they can be, he may be a veteran but he has a lot to offer to his country. stay strong becks we all here for you. go england.....

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