Wednesday, November 14, 2007

mood: insya allah HAPPY
song: it means nothing by stereophonics
time: almost midnight
it's undecided
yet breathtaking
several times i tried
but even before
i tried, i gave up
it's a never ending story
another fairy tale
that will never blend
through time
through year
no matter
how the ending will be
i don't wanna know
life is adventurous
life is a never ending story
life lies beneath my skin
i'll fly through time
if there's an asnwer
i should get
before today
is what matters
not diamonds
not glamorous
not the shiny suits
and care
back to basics
if a song
could reflects
then, there must be
hundred songs
playing in my head
let the night dances
my thoughts away
heal my mind
heal my flaws
hopefully it will be granted
see ya on my next boring post tarxans,

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