Monday, November 12, 2007

(never lose my faith in you)

quickie (hopefully) sist has finished (again! her 3rd books within a week) another book but i'm still caught up with has nothing to do with lack of vocabs but because i have a biigggg crush over dean winchester so i read the book slowly just to picture him on my head (yikes!).

now my sist's busy as usual with her psp (i want one too!!), and i'm waiting for my dad's downloads wrap up soon. tomorrow i have to get up early to go to several places and of course get my hair done. while my mom and my sist will get their face fixed (no theyre not doing plastic surgery theyre just going to have facial treatments), me and my dad are going to the saloon and get treatments. me with the hair treatments and my dad with reflexiology. hopefully after that we're going to watch a movie or catch a bite before we go home.

i've been having this backache because of going online too damn long, and yeah noone cares coz i'm the princess in the house (in 5 min my dad would tap my back and tell me to stop). i love blogging, this is like my diary except i don't write my personal affairs thoroughly in here. what the heck? i'm living in denial X)

byby tarxans hv 2 go b4 my dad peeps once again,

see ya on my next boring post tarxans,


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