Wednesday, November 07, 2007


while my dad's asleep (it's been all day mebbe he's damn tired) mom's busy with the mirror and my sist trying to keep her eyes open just to read sports paper, here i am trying to post another thoughts. so i 've been trying to upload this pic from but i still can't get it done right away. H.A.T.E, anyway my digicam has gone back to meeeeee and i feel pathetically blessed (so called craziness). i miss it so muccchh, i always have special feelings for my gadgets no matter how much their price tag cost me coz my love for them will never die (this is total madness!). they'll never turn their back on me, they're always reliable and never ever for once scold me for ignoring them or breaking them apart X)
ok,my sist is feeling cold and in a while she'll have words with me just to make me turn off my lappie (holding it tightly). i've been listening to cape cod kwassa kwassa over and over again, it's a fun song. tame my mood exactly when i'm out of balance, and right now i'm feeling worn out (my back's killing me) but i have to wait for my apple software update so yeah patience is the only answer. hopefully my dad's not going to scold me for going online this late, i'm very2 annoying don't u think? yeah that's just me, i'm the last one in my family so as you can guess tarxans i'm very naughty at times.
before me and my family went to have our holiday i was online until 3 am when the next day i was expected to wake up very early to fix up certain things. luckily i had prepared me and my sist's luggages so i wasn't in a hurry. on the contrary when i should had gone to sleep the night before the big day, i was busy with my lappie. i pretended i was watching world rugby championship (in case dad finds out) and hide my lappie underneath my blanket so my dad wouldn't find out (i was sleeping in my parents bedroom). my sist even told me that she won't take responsibilities if dad finds out (which didn't happen coz i turned off my lappie right before my dad woke up to check on me).
funny thing, the next few days when i was going to tell him straight that i was online until morning and without words coming from my mouth dad had already found out. well i guess he was guessing, that night i prayed he wouldn't find out (thank God it was granted), but sooner or later he'd know anyway. he was kinda laughing about it but as we all know tarxans when it comes to my own purposes i rarely listen X).
my download is finishing soon, so mebbe
i should wrap up my post before i need to restart my lappie.
the internet connection sux badly!

take care tarxans..

have to go quick, my sist's going to wake up my dad

see ya on my next post tarxans,


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