Wednesday, November 07, 2007

this is one of coolest pics i gathered from gamespot and i have to say i am satisfied with them. i am really glad hearing the news that new resident evil game will be out hopefully, this november. however, it only available only for wii. in order to try it i will have to have wii console and sad to say i may, financially bankrupt once i lay my hands on it. after numerous worthless buying habits, i started to figure out i have to stop this non sense once and for all. wait a i make any sense to you? i dont think you even understand this matter do you?. i tried once and failed. what makes me think i will make it out this time? no and once again ladies and gentleman, no is the ultimate answer. i will, like other girls spend their quality time by 'investing' in non essential goods. sigh...when does it have to end?...endless journey

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