Monday, December 24, 2007


the league is far from over and anything might happen in the final months. but bernd schuster can have something to celebrate this christmas. after beating barca at their home turf, 7 points gap between the two sides emerged and will feature as headlines in newspaper all over the world. julio baptista scored the only goal for real after a beautiful pass from ruudtje 10 mins before half time. both of the teams showed good possesion of the ball that saw a lot of them shared on the midfield area. i'd say real had a marvellous night after showing the home crowd what it takes to be champions. barca might have ronaldinho, deco, bojan and other brilliant forwards on their side but todays match clearly showed real resistance could actually repell them all. there are three players who are responsible to the win. they are pepe, canna and ramos. the three of them showing a good partnership in the heart of defence. it is unfortunate, that ramos would probably miss out the next match. however, schuster can breath easy considering two weeks of winter break might 'repair' the damage. i'd say a lot more tomorrow or probably the day after. its time for me to rest and have a wonderful dream. smile.....

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