Saturday, December 29, 2007

Beef-ing before sleep

i've been away from posting new posts for a while now, i only posted few posts and that's total unfair looking back at my posts earlier that stated i'm a blog-addict. well i still do, i love this blog but my head is currently processing less ideas. i love blogging as much as i love watching soccer, as i've said it's my brain that's been hijacked coz my ideas seem dissapeared.

my parents are telling the rest of the family (which is me ignoring them coz i'm blogging, and my sister who's currently munching more carbs late at night X) ) about the joke and the funny stories about our childhood (embarassing). a lot like love huh, yeah we're lucky to have them as our beloved parents. my sister's nose is out of place coz we just had a head-wrestling (hiperhiperhiper!)

enough about the tid-bits, the year's ending any plans? well it's out of my family habit to celebrate each new year, we'd stay up late just wtach the fireworks or watch good performances on tv. maybe we'll have a plan this year but i don't think so..who knows nothng is impossible. we're the average famiy that some of you might find us very boring, but i like it this way. we're the most laid back people.

ok now it's time for sleep..

eisleyian munching two smoked beefs (so much for carbs)

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