Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Super-dadda

My dad's a superhero,
And he likes to annoy me too.
He likes to call my name super times just to get on my nerve..
Afterall he's the super dad that's mine.
Mine and only mine

love ya dad

Don't you dare to bring him down
Coz not only he's as strong and wise just like an old tree
He also he's got his family that always support and trust him
And he also has the faith that'll bring yourself down
My dad is a a super dad

heart ya dad

my dad's tuper thweet
my dad's amazing
my dad's a bless
my dad's the balloon that'll cheer my day
His hands were the first who held mine

No matter what,
The ups and downs
Of my relationship with him
He'll always be the bossy dad
And i'm the chipper-daughter

For you
From me
From the bottom of my heart
From the naughty kiddo
For my one and only dadda

Thank you's never enough
I say a little prayer for you
Every second
Every new pages
Coz you'll never far behind

whatever their positions in life, my parents will always be the ones who'll spend some of their precious time just to listen to my childish fears. love your parents as they have brought you up and spent fortunes just to buy what you wanted and millions of second just to wipe away your tears. my parents are not flawless (no such thing is flawless), they're also human beings but they love me gazillion times more than other people. by being close and care to them i never feel lonely or incomplete thus they've teached me to rely and trust more to the family than outsiders. i love you both to death!

Eisleyian hearts good hearted people.

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