Monday, December 31, 2007

c/roach kills.

a story that hapened right before 2008, no plans and still new year is uncool, i'm getting older hopefully i'll get wiser and better too. coz no use of geting older but still acting immature (though i still do sometimes). no more pain, more happy tears!! here i coooome..

i woke up, and found a dead c/roach lying on the floor next to my beloved mattress. i totally freaked out (i mean FLIPPING OUT), ok if you think that i'm such a sis. it's not like that, c/roach will trigger my body alarm and start to signal rashes. the c/roach was lying (almost peacefully) next to my cell-phone cover, my beloved hairclip, and my lovely hairband.

suddenly everything went chaotic, my sister tried to console me, my dad shooed (picked it up and put it away), and i was totally shocked. what happened on the night before? why didn't i know that c/roach was inside the room? luckily it was dead, if it was crawling on me i'd be very panicked. if i think back now, i think it was really funny..everyone knew i wasn't allowed to go near c/roach or i'd turn into some ruthless monster but ful of tears.

but i survived the creepy-crawlie moment X), i didn't realize i had something against c/roach until few years back. i stepped on c/roach while i was on the back of my house barefooted and it was really dark so i didn't know the creepy-crawlie was heading my way. so i stepped on it, got panicked, called everyone in my house (yelling to be exact), and cleaned up myself.

but even after i cleaned up myself, i still felt something went totally wrong with my skin. i had rashes, well i didnt expect that i had something against c/roach (as i've mentioned before). and months later i discovered that c/roach was a deadly weapon, i thought it was quite funny coz my sister has hated c/roach since forever. so having her with me is like having a cop that'll secure my way free from c/roach.

Eisleyian. happy nu year everyone! have a blast..

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