Monday, December 31, 2007


Before the year ends once more, i'd like to say how thankful i'm to have gone through another year, another journey, and suddenly another page is flipping by. hopefully my next wil be full of blessings, smile, love, grattitudes, good deeds, dreams and glorious days.

i have gone through so many beautiful things, so many million tears, and many letdowns. but also, the warm feelings inside of me makes me feel even more alive. God, family, and my loved ones are the essentials in my life.

maybe few years back, i'd never know that i'd go through many stories with many question marks. but i have lived through it, and i'm proud to say i have gone through more than you could imagine in one life.

it's a blessing after all, no matter if it's bad pulicities or half smile. i'm grateful for all the blessings, supports, love, care, and lovely wishes. even if there's noone out there who'd care about me but with God and my loved ones i know i'll be ok.

so thank you thank you thank you God, my family and loved ones who had been there to love care and support me. hopefully next year will be even better, more and more creative ideas..more and more smile X).

not for even once walking away..


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