Wednesday, December 26, 2007

i dont have so much to tell today apart from juicy news from football point of view. i wonder wheres britney spears when we need her? i bet shes in the attacking mode for this festive season. shes currently mapping her next move to outdo other celebs...wondering what did she give to her younger sister? diapers? certainly not. oooo i know...shaver for sure. anyway back to football news. manuel almunia has been tipped to be the next england goalkeeper although nobody can ascertain the news since fabio capello has yet to come back fom his holiday. capello is expected to be officially in charge on january 7th 2008. heaven knows whats on his mind. england is currently seeking a reliable goalkeeper who can actually fencing the goal post with a pair of magic hands. each of the goalkeeper has proven that a mishap is nothing but an unfortunate incident and could actually be passed down to the next candidate. for example, blunders from calamity james few years ago still printed on my mind. and then his replacement robert green miskick a pass that led to an own goal to his account. he wasnt put his foot in proper position that could have possibly led to his injury. unfortunately for england, another replacement doesnt mean a solution. after a fine display for several matches, paul robinson starting to show doubtful performances. his foolish errors resulting in england loss to croatia few months back. during match against germany, he was again making a huge mistake by tapping a shot from a german player (i forgot his name) in the direction of another german player. his inconsistencies led to another replacement. his name is scott carson and the result was finally shown. england are yet again, lost to croatia. a draw was needed to get england qualify to EURO 08 next summer. a shot that supposed to be an easy one for carson was no doubt would have be remembered as nightmare for england in many years to come. almunia could be the answer england have been waiting for. his recent performance with arsenal clearly showing hes ready for a call up. he stated that spain would never call him up for competitive matches and waiting on the sideline isnt possible as well. with stunning performances by two leading spanish goalkeeper iker casillas and pepe reyna, almunia chances to be spanish goalkeeper are indeed very slim. perhaps, capello would consider him as a substitute in case other goalkeepers go wrong. i'd love to see him under the post instead of having paulie or calamity or even carsie defending the last defensive line. however, his appointment will enrage some people who were disagree with FAs move to appoint capello as the new manager. the recent nationalism propaganda has spread among the fanatics. if let say capello failed to win his first match, he'd be under massive pressure and those fanatics would again pressuring FA to appoint another english manager. yeah like hell...if those ppl wanna see an english coaching england squad they'd have to see another failure like ste-c did last time out. wake up people!!! youre not good enough to train your own squad. why dont you all sit back and learn.

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