Wednesday, December 26, 2007

ive always been a fan of this player. ever since he played a minor part in community shield three or four years ago, he already caught my attention. before he played in the community shield however, he used to replaced patrick vieira in the final three minutes or so. well, no one knows for sure what future holds. after vieira had left no other players could have replaced him other francesc fabregas. hes fast and accurate. however, he wasnt a player like he is today. he lost possesions every now and then and they were costly too. but after 2 seasons playing as a regular, hes slowly showing to us all what kind of player he is. this season, hes already collected 11 goals much to relief of arsene wenger. i remember well a match between juventus and arsenal 2 seasons ago. cesc was clearly a better player than his senior patrick vieira. he even scored a goal during the match that saw arsenal came as a winning team. he may be only 19 yrs of age but hes already played like seniors in premier league. last season he was able to play without injuries, unlike what hes trying to conquer this mid season. his injuries came with the most unexpected moment when arsenal desperately trying to hold on to their top spot. fortunately they were able to gain the momentum and brushed past through derby match against totenham last week. it is unclear whether arsenal will be the premier league champions this season considering man utd strong performance and chelsea resistance in every games they play. im hoping to see william gallas lift the cup and be one of the most successful captain in arsenal history. hopeful...

Cesc: Henry Exit Allowed Everyone To Shine

Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas is keen to have silverware to show for the superb season The Gunners are enjoying. He also spoke about how the players have all grown after Thierry Henry's departure.

The way the Gunners have taken the season by the scruff off the neck has caught many off guard. However, he is aware that only silverware can truly silence doubters.

"The team is hungry and wants to achieve something to prove people wrong," Fabregas said.
"We want to achieve a lot of things over the next 12 months.

"If we could win everything that would be perfect - but the Premier League is the competition it would be amazing to win."

The Spaniard has already scored 11 times this season, a sharp improvement from the four he scored last season.

Other players such as Alexander Hleb, Emmanuel Adebayor and Tomas Rosicky have all come good this season, and the midfielder believes it has something to do with Thierry Henry's exit.

"I have more responsibility than before," he said. "When you looked at Arsenal a year or two years ago you just saw Thierry Henry.

"It was a little bit like the other players did not exist.

"But when he left it was an opportunity for everybody to show we are a team and a good club.

"Even if the best player in the world is leaving us we can still achieve something."

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