Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ready to make nice (am i?)

making peace to someone who hated me in the past pretty much victorius. after such long period that person finally let go some parts that were hurtin both of us. i've realized that letting go was pretty much uneasy. far from easy to be exact. but forgiving is also a beautiful thing that has come into my life. i've learned to let differences go, if one day that person hurt me in any way i'd be happy to say that at least i've tried. i can't predict the future, but all i can say is i'll face everything day by day. i never gave up on my ex-archenemy, i even prayed for my ex-archenemy. alhamdulillah.

this could finally happen thanks to my other close friend, when that ex-enemy-on-process-to-become-a-friend- emailed me i was confused..i was a bit out of place. i was caught up between letting go and hurtful memories. he wisely asked me to let the past go and at least fake a smile to show that i've moved on like i told him i had. the main thing is that all this long i held back just to wait for that person to come down and be the first to finally call me. at least i was hoping one day this would end, and now i'm happily to say i know how to put the end on the story between me and my ex-archenemy.

he was the main reason i replied my ex-archenemy email's, i objected many of his suggestions. in the end i listened to him and i'm glad i have one of the loyal friends with me giving me lovely advices at that time. love you dear. at the opening of this year i feel very pleased and of course blessed by God's lovely surprises. hopefully, many good things will come into my life. without God's permission none of this could ever happen. my friend that suddeny contacted me, my ex-archenemy that finally emailed me, those are pretty much the lovely opener for me this year. eternal i coooome!

eisleyian. push the button.

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