Wednesday, January 16, 2008


my friend asked my status. well since i can't really trust every friend that comes into my life, i gave her my diplomatic answer. i gave the same answer to every people (only the acquintance ones tho) that's been asking me the same question. i dunno why maybe i have this different view regarding my life. i keep most of the things in my life private coz i've learned from experiences that privacy is very principal to me.

i don't want to say before God does, if for example i blabber about someone i'm seeing currently to everyone and the next day we are separated what's left of me? i don't want to be labelled as this or that..that's why for me everything that's private stay private. that goes with every friend i have, they know i'm here for them so i won't have to push them to share their private issues if they're not willing to.

i prefer to not willing to share some parts of that even a crime? my friend labelled me as mysterious and i laughed.

it's not like that some things are visible
some things are invisible.
it's not good to be too open to people, that's what i've learned after what i had gone through. scars are not meant to scare me but scars are there to remind me how things were before. i use my brain to think all the time. every consequences, every chain reaction, every action that leads to reaction. call me paranoid, traumatic, or chickened out..maybe iam maybe i'm just being secure for myself.
please note that, honesty is above everything but it doesn't mean you have to share everything that's been going on in your life with strangers. learn from mistakes, pick yourself up, face every obstacle, and share laughters with loved ones. life's complicated why bother to make it more harder to face? keep on going, keep on loving, keep on laughing, keep on blogging *it ease my burden anyways*
eisleyian. bubbly but still cheerful

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