Monday, December 31, 2007


Dear God,
Only You who will truly love me
Only You who will save me
Please stay with me
Make me belong to You

Dear God,
Only You who knows which is best
Only You who knows which is wrong
Please bear with me
There's no place feels like home

Dear God,
I asked myself once
How could someone loves God
More than loving other half?
But now You've opened my melted heart

Dear God,
Guide me through this journey of mine
Let me walk Your permissioned path
No more sadness
More blessings and happiness

Dear God,
Many things have happened
I shall not put the blame on You
Coz everything is chain reaction
And i have sinned so much

Dear God,
I don't deserve your kindness
Yet i can't face the world without Your blessings
Forgive my sins
Hope is all i have
Even when i'm not sure if hope's still here

Reminiscing sometimes ripping out the old wound.
if only forgetting is as easy as falling.


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