Sunday, January 20, 2008


such a weird scenario. who would've thought it'd come to this? a friend that was always there suddenly dissapeared, and a friend that was missing suddenly replaced the other position. three friends, three of them were quarelling, one that mend them all together. the one that mend was the one that hide for so long. the one who hid denied and denied long until the one that suddenly dissapeared arrived and mend the heart that was broken.

three of them knew each other, one was known to be a loyal one, a reliable but free-souled one. they might not know that they were connected somehow, in life everything's conneceted. more surprises? let's see maybe in another day life could open more chances and the three of them could finally sit and look to each other's eyes without denying that they actually could sit down and act normally just like when they met one of them without the other one. a truth shall be told, a secret shall be opened.

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