Tuesday, February 19, 2008

could it be any harder? to put up myself against horrendous events. but you have put yourself in so much danger in spite of your own safety. when will it stop? if tomorrow comes sooner, we will have a beautiful day and so much more. do you really believe in me? if you do come on grab my hands and i'll lift you above the sky. sky's no limit to both of us, if you only knew. you've come across the heavy traffic to carry me all around the countryside. can it be dissolved from a living memory? your convincing smile puts all the doubts away to northern island. we can be whatever we've always wanted to be. seasons come and go we'll never fall apart. breaking away from the clutches of irony, we've shed the shadow underneath the bed. we are what we are and nobody can ever prove you wrong. only shadow of a doubt put our striking steps on halt. we are once again coming to a fresh start. a question lingers in the presence of our insanity; do we have everything in order or are we already in the shamble?. we can't decide and suddenly both of us standing on different poles. those differences can't be undone. the smile, happiness, clumsy imagination vanish along the way and lavish yacht shipping our figures away from each other. saying goodbye isn't the trickiest part, but looking away from our promising yet childish dreams seems the hardest. we'll wave our hands of goodbye in this spot and we'll never forget of it till the sweetness of heaven touches our skin. future comes our way in a flash, i hope we'll see each other once more and together we'll flourish the world of mankind.

love isn't leading you the way, but your heart is

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