Wednesday, February 20, 2008

love beyond words.

i loved you
i still do
but we both kept the felings hidden
you never said anything
i ran away with him
but everything remains the same
i love you beyond words
if wishes could come true
if dreams could collide
if time had given us a chance
if i had chosen to be with you
seasons change
winters closing on
nights fade
days turn to years
in the same city
lost between languages
lost between seas
but love is still here
if someday
God place a door
for us to meet,
i'll be the first to open it for you

someone who's very close to me revealed her secret to me, i was in tears hearing it from her. the story was complicated and it was hurting her so much to be in a relationship where she was intimidated by her bf but on the other hand someone had waited for her but they just froze everytime they met. both *she and that guy who liked her and treated her respectfully than her abusive X* were amazing people, i love them to death but fate lead to another way. i didn't know much about her abusive bf although i knew him too. just thought everythin was fine, and now i really2 do hate that *abusive* guy for making such nice girl turned into traumatic-princess. and now that both of them *who were in love but couldn't be together* are in the same town after being separated by miles for so long, i can only pray for both of them.

love, be patient.
God'll always be with
good people like you.
may someday
both of you lovely people
be together, at last.

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