Tuesday, February 12, 2008

f 'n' f

i have finally met with my friend *ex arch enemy i mentioned on earlier post*..unexpectedly we got on really2 well. before the stupid incident that happened in the past, we were what they called close friends (bffs are damn overrated). she was planning to held some sort of reunion *not sure if i want to make it*. at least we were being honest after soooo damn long avoiding each other. *the walls are finally crumbling down*

i chatted with a friend that i didn't get the chance to know better when we were schooling together *he was uber-cute 2 me..laughing all the time harharhar i wonder if he was being nice or being himself*. it feels really nice to be able to open up and be myself after being undiscovered for so long. can't wait to see good 'ol friends, it's been too long i guess. if only we spent the whole time being nice and cute.

i didn't hide because i want to but i was definitely undiscovered and when there was someone reminding me to stop being pretentious. i got the message..as he was the bestest friend of mine, he only wanted the best for me. i wish we could talk more often so he'd know what went on lately. i miss you deeply..*sobsobsob*. he's one of those guy friends i really2 trust right now, such a shame i have to share you *yikes!*

i also chatted with my junior just now, she was the ex to someone who was really close to me he called me his "mom" although he was older than me harharhar coz i was always the wise one. it's funny coz at the end of the day, she was closer to me than to anyone else even after she broke up with "my sunnyson". such a babe..she's very2 lovely. i miss you too lovely. we try to catch up everydayyaaaay..X)

it's been damn good, as i've said before this year's beginning to shine for me hmppfffhh after all this while. finallyfinallyfinally. alhamdulillah, no need for more words only gratitude.

bye sleepyheads,

off to sleep now babelicious-es.


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