Sunday, February 10, 2008

where's my lovely train? i have been left alone without your bright cars passing along the deserted stations.
arrogant sky scrapper triumphs against your tiny figure.
how am i going to keep you by my side?
no sights are able to be viewed.
however, you will always stay close to me, to my huge relief.
hissing inching to my ears as good as they tap my round shoulder.
will i miss your tangible solid feature?

can i be at your service?
pleased to see your happy face once more.
do we have something in common?
we are total strangers in the midst of a lonely world.
we have met somewhere foreign but yet so close to my heart.
your warm smile touches my heart as breeze pushing away stagnant hot weather.
we are so far apart, but i have you near my vision.
the scent of your perfume tingles my nostril.
familiar sight, different timezone.
standing closer to a platform, waiting for the train to stop its muscular figure.
bending a little to catch the sight of it; emptiness clouding my surface.
across the platform, you are standing seeking a way to fly out of the station.
train arrives with its usual dignity; cars as many as 4 winding their way to already empty station; blue and black covers the whole of scenery as the train halts.
yours too, arriving in the nick of time.
it's covered with jet blue sky.
sitting close to the side window looking sideway.
there you are....looking past through the tainted glass smiling toward myself.
we may head to different places at the same time, but i can feel you here.
the train beginning to tremble forcing its way to a very shiny morning, whereas, your train heading home to its depot surrounded by gleaming lights.
two different homes, one destination.
perhaps, we could see each other once more amidst all the odds.
a warm welcome celebrates my appearance, on the other side lights embracing your existance.
deep inside i honestly believe, we would be seeing each other. but not too soon.

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