Wednesday, February 06, 2008


you fall
i catch you
your heart's broken into pieces
i mend it all for you
you crawl
i crawl behind you

you're ecstatical
i'm in no mood for a grin
you're happy
i'm completely forgotten
you're sleeping gracefully
i lie awake

do you see
the difference
between being there
and being invisible
but actually there?
i guess you're too busy to notice

keep selling them
i keep denying them
they're bogus

why can't you and me
communicate lively
so explanations will come in handy
so we'll see deep inside of things
me and you keep on taking chances
that someday'll be regretted

starvation for truth
begging for mercy
will there be another chance to change?
do i know you?
or do i know you this much?

please don't despise, notice that something's terribly wrong. everything's always been under rug swept as if they were not old enough to communicate properly using their much-functioned brains. life goes on, this has been going on since they first met. the key to this maybe communication..but how to communicate when they don't even talk no more, no hi-goodbyes only feelings thats best kept inside they say. by keep on arguing in silence, sudden make ups, and keeping everything wrapped inside it's unhealthy no more it's sick!

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