Wednesday, February 06, 2008

random feelings

i love reading other people posts on their blogs, they very much inspired me in some ways. i love bloog-oh-ging as much as i love taking photographs and listening to music. well today i've finished watching ocean 13 and silent hill *for the 4th time* and currently still reading the 37th hour *by Jody Compton. the book is my fav genre, thriller detective kind of way *in another life i must be a very talented cute-detective harharhar*.

i remember the last time i visited my hometown *always glad to be back there*, i had tons of fun..the best laughters, the best daring gossips, and the best culinary-hunt ever. no matter how the government deal with lots of things i'm still in love with every inch of my country. i didn't choose this current loser-president so don't put the blame on me sickos put the fingers back to you.

blah, i hate when i talk about politics, it's damn complicated and pretty much full of filths and lies. sorry for the lack of photos..maybe next time i'll post some photos of me and my sist's faces and of course some of it will be about our daily 'boring' lives. ^_^

i'm out of ideas, my friends are getting married..hahaha they even asked me when am i going to follow their steps? hmm i have to say it's not my priority BUT never say never. my parents' happiness is definitely on top of my list, if it makes them happy insya allah i'll do it. maybe my wed-ceremony will be so much fun..having someone loves you back is definitely worth all the sacrifices in the world. i love the feeling of being loved, it's an amazing feeling.

i feel blessed *alhamdulillah*, hopefully i will continue feeling thankful.

off babes,

eisleyian got new bangs!

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