Friday, February 01, 2008

i am deep down in **ithole. what can i say? i am, a person who is far from perfect. in times, i'd scream out of rage. and other times i'd sit back and watch people passing me by. its no secret i'd love to see my wishes come true esp when it comes to my passion. its true that nobody should go beyond limits, but im not finished; not just yet. ive been denied few times before and i wont back down, esp now. anyway i have read an article from and had to grimace a couple of times reading so many headlines about becks exclusion from the squad. heres a good response from becks before the announcement and brilliant comments from managers in premiership...

The 32-year-old insists he will not call time on his international career. Speaking before the announcement of his omission, Beckham said: “I have always said I want to be available.“That’s what I did when Steve McClaren dropped me.
“Deep down, I did not think I would ever play for England again.
"So to be on 99 caps is great. It’s more than I dreamt of. If I am not in the squad, I will carry on working hard and trying to get back in.
“I won’t get bitter and twisted because I am old enough and I have got enough respect for the manager to realise that if it does not happen, life goes on.
“I have been lucky enough in my career to come back from tough times and disappointments.
"If it doesn’t happen [winning a 100th cap], I will come back from it again, in my way. If it does, then great.”

But speaking on Friday, four Premier League managers begged to differ.
steve bruce

"Most would say he deserves it," said Wigan boss Steve Bruce of a potential 100th cap.
"I've known the lad since he was boy and I'm sure David won't give up the ghost and will still be determined to get that 100th cap.
"I'm sure many people will feel the way he's led the country and been a good ambassador and what he's brought to English football means he deserves it. I do sincerely hope he gets the opportunity to get 100 caps.


Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Aston Villa's Martin O'Neill agreed. "It would be great for him to get 100 caps, he deserves to," said the Ulsterman, who had five of his own squad called up by Capello.
"I'm sure the chance will come around again. I take on board Mr Capello's view that he has not played for a considerable time and I know that the idea of just earning caps for the sake of it is not in Capello's nature. Having said that, if there is anybody in the last decade who deserves 100 caps for England then it is David."


Harry Redknapp, meanwhile, opined that if Capello did have doubt's over the players fitness there was surely no better time than to award him the honour of the international century than in the forthcoming game against Switzerland. "I thought this friendly would have been a great chance for David to get his 100th cap. He deserves it," said the Pompey boss.
"He's been a terrific player. There is a problem because he's playing away (in America) now but I don't think it would have done any harm to play him. It would have been nice to give it to him in a friendly and if the manager then didn't fancy him we could have moved on from there."


Beckham has been voluntarily training with Arsenal during the American close season in order to maintain match fitness, largely with a view to participating in February's Switzerland friendly. And having had the chance to see Beckham at the Gunners' complex in Hertfordshire, Arsene Wenger believes it's only a matter of time before he rejoins the England fold. "I hope he does get it because he deserves it and he works extremely hard," said the Frenchman.

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