Monday, February 18, 2008

radiant smile.

Is there someone you wanna date right now?
// hayhayhay chow yun fatt/ken watanabe.
someone who could give me butterflies and sparkles at the same time.

Why did you stop liking the last person you liked?
// usually i stopped liking someone, when the sparkle btwn me and him faded or God showed me he wasn't the one BUT, i'm still hanging by a moment at this time hayhayhay

What is your full name?
// something really2 nice *but won't show it here*

Name a quote from the song you arelistening to?
// what have i gotten into this time around,
none of that ever seems to matter when i'm holding you

How is life going for you right now?
// it's been doing pretty wonderful for moi,

Who was the last person to comment you?
// some junior from HS

// many but i won't live my life being ridden by regrets

What was the reason you last cried and when?
// i'm being emo lately..but it's been a while since i cried myself out, maybe it's just little bit tears in the back of my eyes

Is there a meaning behind your profile song?
// nothing, just a song me and my sist both love so much

Do you have a best friend?
// yeah, i conside God as my bestest, most loyal, true listener. but my family are also the biggest influeneces in my life. beside God and family, i consider other as friends as long as they treat me respectfully.

what's the reason behind your defaultpicture?
// nothing particular, just random pic my sist took when we were in anya hindmarch's boutique

Have you ever hated someone, but endedup being friends with them?
// i was on their list but they ended up realized their mistakes and naturally, we became friends and started everything from nothing.

What do you think of people who don'thave sex before marriage?
// alhamdulillah, at least there are people who value their virginities more than lust. i *hopefully* also would love to stay V until my first night. insya allah amiiiieeen!!

Ever had the opposite sex over when noone was home?
// noone as dad and my bro?

Do you believe that what comes aroundgoes around?
// yes, i believe in karma. call me believer i don't care but i believe that if i do good to other people someday the good deeds will return and favour me.

What is your favorite fruit?
// orange, apple *pink lady!*, cherry, plum, durian,

What are the most important things in any relationship?
// commitment, faith, loyalty, COMMUNICATION, love and passion for each other.


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