Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the truth

looking at you
how amazing you've become
how judgmental life can be
i cried my heart out
for not being there
but being here
missing your beautiful presence
in my life
hurting myself
to reach out for you
catching my breath
taking away my disbelief
always the smile
never the frown
you always cheer up my days
you never fail to light up my mess
such an angel i said
that always amaze me
i wish i could be there to hold you
i wish i could see you smile once more
i didn't lie
when i told you how much i cared
no matter how extreme
i want to hide my feelings
ever pain
every tears
but, i can't seem to cover myself
with stupid words
when it goes back to you
the loving person in my life
seem very right
when you show me how
i'm sorry for all the sorrow
you don't deserve it all
angelic ways
humanly fleshed
no such thing as sin-less

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