Friday, February 29, 2008

random thoughts and more..

someone who's very close to me just broke up with her short-term bf. i feel saddened for her, one storm after another. but's i'm positive she'll come out stronger than ever. for all i know she's always been the true fighter.

breaking up is far from easy, that's why many people afraid of commitments. i had bad experiences with some of my previous relationships, but dealing with them really2 opened up my eyes about myself and trusting my instinct.

finding true love is a funny thing, someday it will uncover for each and everyone of us. it will happen the moment we least expect it to happen, at least it happens right? harharhar. such a lucky person my friend who finally could find his/her half.

once again i would like to stress that being single isn't a burden, doesn't matter what's your current status as long as life brings out the best in you i think it shouldn't be a problem whether you're in a relationship or not.

being in a relationship is full of sacrifices and must be taken seriously + wholeheartedly, hesitation isn't always bad as doubts will make you think harder and smarter. just follow both your heart and your instinct, maybe it will turn our good.

beind single on the other hand is a gift, don't take it as a big boulder thrown at you. humans are usually ungrateful..while you're single have drinks about it. take it easy, be good to yourself and learn new things in life.

i'm in a stage where i'd like to have the balance for everything that goes in my life. at the end of the day it's not about other people's opinion, because i'm the one who's carrying all the sins and punishments from God.

people can always talk and talk, but NEVER put yourself in a position where people could attack you when your weaknesses are visible to their wicked eyes. even without bad attitudes people would still talk badly.

why bother? i don't. because the important thing is i'm being honest with God and my family (including loved ones), therefore they'd always have faith in me. losing their faith, love and support would be a big loss for me.

i think time has taught me lots of meaningful lessons in life (with God's permissions and guidance of course). i've realized so many things have changed, my minds have grown rapidly without me noticing. God is AMAZING!

take care babesies..


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