Thursday, February 28, 2008

in a case.

obstacles bring me and my family closer not falling apart, as we all have gone through many rainbows and storms together. i'm proud to have them as my family, i'm proud to be able to say to the world how loving my parents could be and how far my siblings would sacrifice for me to stop crying.

as i'd mentioned earlier in older posts, i went through such pain during my ankle injury since last week. it was a precious exeperince, yet it was aching at the same time. the pain, the tears for healing, and the boring moments, those carried away my disbelief. alhamsulillah, Everything that i'm, everything that i have belong to Allah SWT and i'm thankful for every single thing.

even during storm, i could still find's amazingngly true. God is the safest place to lean on, the foremost, the greatest, every sincere compliments only for God. it's never been easy for us, as long as God and my family with me everything feels lighter.

alhamdulillah..once again nothing but gratitude.


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