Monday, February 25, 2008

sort of ankle injury.

just like a footballer my ankle was injured due to my clumsiness that brought down happiness and turned all of my laughs to tears. emo! it was the first in many years, well i fell down quite often but no injuries were noted. i didn't expect the injury would turn out quite bad, i couldn't walk without someone else's help *disabled for sure*, i was sort of lifeless..i couldn't blog coz i had to rest in bed.

when i could walk *a bit* today i decided to turn on the desktop and find my almost-lost soul again here by blogging my heart out. emo once more ppl! i miss so many ppl during my injury-time, but it's been damn amazing thank you for the prayers, support , and love. i definitely owe you a lot this time. X)

life is funny, just when you thought everything went well as planned suddenly it all crushed down in front of you and you're damn powerless. yeah it was all about karma once again, if you did something bad, life will hunt you down no matter how long the debt has gone by. it's scary what happened to a friend, i hope i'll never upset other people anymore. X)

i feel sorry for eduardo da silva, he hasn't gone into his tip-top performances and now he's badly injured. all of my beautiful thoughts are with you.


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